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    Important Topics Facing Mexico Today: Part 2 – Transportation and Logistics

    - by Transplace

    Part two of this series discusses how some important Mexican economic topics are impacting the transportation and logistics industry, and how they’re directly affecting companies doing business there today. Here’s what’s going in the current market, how it’s going to affect both shippers and carriers alike and what to expect in the coming years:

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    Transportation TIP List: Week of December 11th, 2016

    Important Topics Facing Mexico Today: Part 1 – Economy

    - by Transplace

    This two-part series will discuss some of the relevant topics that are front-and-center in Mexico today, including current political and economic factors, and how key industries and trade are doing, particularly when considering Mexico-U.S. relations. Want to keep up to date with all things Mexico? Here’s what you need to know:

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    Weekly Transportation TIP List

    Transportation TIP List – January 2015

    - by Transplace

    In order to keep up to date with current supply chain and transportation topics, we’re starting a regular blog series for the New Year – the Transplace TIP List! Why call it the TIP List? For 2 reasons: to highlight the Transportation Industry’s Progression forward and to curate a short list of current articles that highlight where and how this is happening across verticals and hot topic areas.

    Each month, we’ll compile a sampling of the top trends and topics in the industry, including some of the most relevant supply chain stories, industry advancements and tales in trucking.  This month’s TIP List checks in on these areas and a host of other meaningful matters. See what was trending in January – and click any of the links for the full article!

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