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    Carriers object to proposed mandatory speed limiters

    - by Tom Sanderson

    Carriers object to proposed mandatory speed limiters

    FMCSA received more than 4,500 comments on its joint proposal with NHTSA for mandatory speed limiting devices, and motor carriers and drivers were unified in their opposition. A coalition of five organizations – AEMCA, AHFA, AHAA, TEANA and TLP&SA – filed in opposition to the NPRM for three reasons:

    1. NHTSA and FMCSA have failed to make a case for speed limiters producing safer highways;

    2. The agencies have failed to adequately consider the effect of speed limiters in permitting

    commercial motor vehicles to avoid accidents; and

    3. Imposition of speed limiters by the federal government is inconsistent with the preemption of

    state law exceptions found in 49 USC 14501.

    A copy of the coalition’s comments is available at Other comments and the NPRM are available at

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