Transportation TIP List: Week of June 3rd, 2018
June 6, 2018 Transplace

Transportation TIP List: Week of June 3rd, 2018

For many recent graduates, it’s a great time to celebrate past accomplishments and prepare for future endeavors. And with graduation season in full-force, we’ve curated our weekly TIP List to highlight some supply chain standouts shaping the outlook of the industry. From the state of the freight market to strategies for avoiding a shipping squeeze – check out all of the stories below worth recognition!

  • Will Van Rates Spike Again in June?: Many truckers adjusted their schedules ahead of Memorial Day to avoid running out of hours and getting stuck away from home over the long weekend. As a result, there were fewer trucks available, and the tighter truckload capacity pushed rates higher across much of the country.

Which industry trends are having the biggest impact on your supply chain?


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