About the blog


tomsandersonWelcome to the Transplace Blog.  I share information, opinion and analysis covering three key areas that affect the supply cha​in.

  • First, I post the economic data that we share with our customers in our quarterly updates. This is not meant to cover the entire economy, only some key items such as fuel prices as well as factors that drive freight demand such as retail sales and housing starts.
  • Second, I identify key regulatory and legislative issues that affect freight transportation. I provide my own assessment of the issues and their potential impact on our industry and also provide links to other resources and opinions.
  • Third, I post information on Carrier and 3PL financial performance. Most of this data represents publicly traded companies as reported by highly respected financial analysts who cover the industry.

I hope you enjoy and learn from the Transplace Blog. I welcome your comments and questions, and would prefer that you include your name, company, and title if you wish to opine in order to have meaningful dialogue about our industry. Feel free to use our graphs and charts in your own presentations. They are easy to copy, save, and paste. If I have attributed the information to another author or publication, please follow suit.

I also want to publicly acknowledge and thank Alec Abernathy, an undergraduate student at the College of the Holy Cross, who is responsible for continuously updating the data, charts, and graphs that keeps this blog up-to-date with current industry information.

Thanks for visiting the Transplace Blog.

Tom Sanderson
CEO, Transplace