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    Weekly Transportation TIP List

    Transportation TIP List: Week of August 31st, 2015

    - by Transplace

    As we turn the calendar to September and enjoy the last summer holiday, this week’s TIP List has us focusing on the latest trends in supply chain and logistics. From manufacturing and security to the success of future leaders and optimizing performance, we have the must read links below. Read on for all the great info!

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    Transportation TIP List: Week of December 11th, 2016

    Q2 Logistics Review

    - by Transplace

    In the second quarter of 2015 there were some interesting activities across different economic sectors worth highlighting. In last quarter’s recap blog, I shared thoughts on capacity and fuel prices. Topics highlighted below are based on economic data driving freight demand, as well as legislative and regulatory issues affecting freight transportation. Finally, see what I’m anticipating for Q3. Now, let’s get on to recapping this quarter.

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    Transplace Logistically Speaking-Mockup1

    Proactively Survive Mother Nature’s Fury

    - by Transplace

    Polar vortex, snowmageddon, icepocalypse…frighteningly cold and icy weather has been splashed across headlines multiple times in the past months, and there’s more winter on the way.

    For the transportation industry, winter weather disruptions have frozen capacity, driving pent-up demand for trucks when markets re-open and wreaking havoc on schedules everywhere.

    Proactively survive Mother Nature’s fury. Listen to the latest podcast from Logistically Speaking.

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