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    Transportation TIP List: Week of December 11th, 2016

    Growth and Improvements in the Mexico Rail Network

    - by Transplace

    Twenty years ago, there was only one railroad in Mexico, which was run by a public agency and broken into three regional classes. At that time, there needed to be tremendous improvements to rail service, engines and cars, and to key infrastructure such as bridges and tracks. Then in 1995, the Mexican government announced that a railroad privatization project would begin.

    The private railroad companies that now manage the railroad lines currently have a 50-year concession from the federal government to operate them (while the land that the railroads operate on is still government property). With the private sector’s takeover of railroad operations, dedicated investments started to make real improvements to the entire system. And to date, over 5 Billion U.S. dollars from these private companies have been invested into the Mexican rail system.

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    Weekly Transportation TIP List

    Transportation TIP List – February 2015

    - by Transplace

    Want to be in the know on important logistics topics and the latest industry insights? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our Transplace TIP List is here to help. We’re continuing our monthly blog post series highlighting the Transportation Industry’s Progression – with the goal in mind to curate a quick, handy list of articles showcasing current hot topics in transportation.

    At the heart of February’s TIP List are some exciting trends spanning key verticals such as retail, chemical, manufacturing as well as oil and gas. Read on to see what was trending this past month – and click any of the links to view the full article!

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    Transplace Logistically Speaking-Mockup1

    Want a Better Supply Chain? Here Are 4 Reasons to Outsource Your Transportation Management

    - by Transplace

    Now more so than ever, corporations understand the tremendous impact logistics and transportation can have on their overall business performance and are taking meaningful strides to optimize their supply chain operations. While some organizations have the human capital, industry depth and expertise and IT infrastructure to manage their transportation on an insourced basis, a majority do not. It’s simply not viewed as core competency or they lack the significant technical infrastructure to do so effectively or efficiently. It’s for this reason they outsource this business function to a third party that specializes in this area.

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