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    Jump Start 2014 Preview

    - by Transplace

    We’re excited to kick-off the 3rd full week of January by attending Jump Start 2014 (Jan 20-22) in Atlanta!  Our very own Managing Director of Transplace Mexico – Troy Ryley – will be part of a panel taking place Wednesday morning that is focused on: “20 Years of NAFTA – Perceptions & Realities”.

    According to Troy, the major theme of the panel will be “NAFTA: The Pros and Cons”. He’ll be sharing statistical evidence that shows how Mexico is well-positioned to become a global manufacturing powerhouse. He also mentions how the United States and Mexico make great partners for a number of reasons (some we don’t even think about), which are helping boost Mexico’s global manufacturing stature. Synergies between the two countries allow for mutual benefits. One such example Troy shared is the U.S.’s ability to export natural gas, which is currently at record low prices, to fuel Mexico’s record level high production needs. If you are attending the conference this week, be sure to check out this panel!

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