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    Increasing Shipper-Carrier Collaboration with Transplace’s Planned Continuous Moves Lanehub Platform

    - by Transplace

    When Lanehub founder and CEO, Mark Hackl, left his position as part of Schreiber Foods’ transportation team in 2015, he had a single mission in mind: Develop a low-cost solution that makes collaboration simple between shippers and carriers. He aimed to use his 20 years of industry knowledge to make shipping more efficient and freight lanes more visible and transparent, not through spreadsheets full of data, but through technology.

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    Transportation TIP List: Week of December 11th, 2016

    What Transplace’s Acquisition of LMS Means for the Company and You

    - by Transplace

    As you may have heard, Transplace recently acquired Logistics Management Solutions (LMS). A non-asset third party logistics (3PL) provider, LMS has particular strength in the chemical and industrial manufacturing sectors and offers advanced technology as well as results-oriented services that help shippers improve their safety, service levels and financial performance.

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    Transplace Logistically Speaking-Mockup1

    Winning the Logistics Battle Against Accessorial Charges

    - by Transplace

    A lot of small equals big.  Without innovative strategy and a watchful eye, accessorial charges quickly add up, whittling away at your profits. Consequently, it is important to work with providers that will fight hard to ensure that your bottom line does not suffer from these avoidable extra costs.

    Accessorial charges present obvious complexities, but understanding how they are trending can empower logistics management teams to reach new standards in mitigating these add-ons.  To that end, Transplace’s Consulting & Engineering team recently conducted the Accessorial Benchmarking Project – a study that revealed accessorial charge trends by identifying the most common core and miscellaneous charges, the percentage of shippers actually billing those charges and the rates they are charging. These insights not only assist in negotiating transportation spends on the front end, but also serve to inform transportation management strategists where to focus their efforts in avoiding them all together.

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