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  • Shipper Symposium
    Is your supply chain milennial ready? The Demographic transforming the business landscape

    Is Your Supply Chain Millennial Ready? – The Demographic Transforming the Business Landscape

    - by Transplace

    At our 16th annual Shipper Symposium, keynote speaker Ken Hughes, a leading shopping and consumer behaviorist, discussed the future of consumers and how to prepare the next-gen supply chain for our ever-changing society. As an expert in consumer psychology and social anthropology, Hughes communicated that supply chain operations no longer simply hold the functionality of moving products and goods from origin to destination – rather, if constructed correctly, they can actually be a business’s most strategic asset.

  • Weekly TIP List
    Transportation TIP List: Week of December 11th, 2016

    Looking Ahead to 2017: Economist Brian Beaulieu Shares Key Positive Economic Indicators

    - by Transplace

    At our 14th annual Shipper Symposium last May, economist and keynote speaker Brian Beaulieu discussed the future of the domestic and global economy. Beaulieu, the CEO of ITR Economics, spoke about current economic trends in manufacturing, retail, oil, gas, automobile, trucking and chemical. He believes that these industries can serve as leading indicators for predicting the future of the economy —and as we’re heading into 2017, we wanted to dig deeper into these indicators. What is Beaulieu looking for that may indicate positive growth in the new year? Keep reading for the highlights he shared at Shipper Symposium.

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