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    Transplace’s Investment in a New Center of Excellence

    - by Transplace

    Yesterday, we announced that we are breaking ground on a new operations center in Rogers, Arkansas. The goal of the newest Center of Excellence (COE) is twofold: to support our growing investment in technology and to accommodate our plan as an organization to add hundreds of new employees over the next several years. This will continue to strengthen our ability to deliver comprehensive technology and logistics services to today’s supply chain.

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    Is your supply chain milennial ready? The Demographic transforming the business landscape

    Is Your Supply Chain Millennial Ready? – The Demographic Transforming the Business Landscape

    - by Transplace

    At our 16th annual Shipper Symposium, keynote speaker Ken Hughes, a leading shopping and consumer behaviorist, discussed the future of consumers and how to prepare the next-gen supply chain for our ever-changing society. As an expert in consumer psychology and social anthropology, Hughes communicated that supply chain operations no longer simply hold the functionality of moving products and goods from origin to destination – rather, if constructed correctly, they can actually be a business’s most strategic asset.

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    SaaS or Outsourced Managed Services: Which is Right for your Organization?

    Software-as-a-Service or Outsourced Managed Services: Which is Right for Your Organization?

    - by Transplace

    When it comes to managing transportation operations, shippers are often at a crossroads. They may find themselves asking the questions: Should I implement a transportation management system (TMS) in-house or via software-as-a-service (SaaS)? Should I outsource everything to a Managed Transportation Services (MTS) provider? Or take a hybrid approach?

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    Transportation TIP List: Week of December 11th, 2016

    We’re Celebrating 15 Years!

    - by Transplace

    This week ushers in the start to the second half of the year, and also marks an important milestone for our company that we’re very proud of reaching: our 15th year anniversary. Over the last 15 years, we’ve seen the transportation industry change and evolve.

    We base our success on being a passionate and values-driven organization that’s determined to deliver both rapid return on investment and consistent value to our customer base. We take this opportunity to thank our customers and our talented employees for letting us grow and thrive over the last 15 years. We look forward to what the next 15 will bring!

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